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Tips about the process of receiving a DUI.

If you are pulled over:

  1.  The tests the deputy may attempt to have you try are voluntary, but generally you are not told this. He will not usually ask you to do them, he will just start and have you do them. You CANNOT be made to do them, and we suggest NEVER doing them. You cannot be made to do the one leg stand, the walk and turn, and/or the eye test. Also, you cannot be made to take the roadside Alco-Sensor. There is no legal penalty for refusing to do them. Remember, usually the deputy is simply gathering evidence to use against you later, not trying to decide whether to arrest you or not.
  2. Telling the deputy how much alcohol you have drank usually is not a good idea. Your statement to him will be used against you later.
  3. Cooperate with the deputy, but only do those things that you are legally required to do. Ask him if it is required to do what he is suggesting that you do.
  4. Remember that you may be videoed and your statements recorded, even while in the back seat of the patrol car. Be careful what you say and do.
  5. CALL US IMMEDIATELY ONCE YOU BOND OUT OF JAIL. We must act quickly to protect your driving privileges in Georgia that may be suspended well before your DUI court date. Call us at 706.828.7950 and we will explain.