2/13/20 R.D.

R.D. was charged with DUI, driving with a suspended license and no proof of insurance, ALL charges were REDUCED or DISMISSED, DUI was plead to the LESSER offense of reckless driving, suspended license was REDUCED to no license and the no insurance charge was DISMISSED.

A.T. 11/22/19

A.T. was an under 21 driver charged with DUI drugs and possession of marijuana, he submitted to a blood test with the results being positive for marijuana, case RESULTED in a plea to the LESSER offense of reckless driving and the possession charge DISMISSED.

10/11/19 D.B.

D.B. received charges of DUI, reckless driving and hit and run for leaving the scene of an accident, his BAC was a .169, case NEGOTIATED to REDUCED charges on all offenses, the DUI to reckless driving, the reckless driving to too fast for conditions and the hit and run to duty upon striking a fixed object.